Teens & 

Young Adults

Become who you truly are.

Teens & 

Young Adults

Become who you truly are.

The Transition Into Adulthood Does Not Have a Roadmap. 


Our culture has a habit of pushing young people into a formula for “success” that doesn't always make sense for them. 


You may be feeling frustrated with school, parents, and the things you are told to do and have little choice over. 


You may feel like no one understands. 


Well, I get it. Deeply. I was a very independent teen who grew into an adult that followed rules for a long time - until I learned how to successfully be my authentic self in the world. Good news is, you’re going to do this far earlier than I did. 


I love working with young people. I respect your spirit, your individuality, and your soul. 

I know the world needs what you've got.

I know the world needs what you’ve got. 

If you are pissed, that means you are alive. If you are anxious, that means you know that the world is a much too busy place. 

If you are struggling, it is an indicator not that you are failing but that you have something to offer and have not yet found what lights you up.

I work with young adults, ages 15-22, going through a life transition such as Covid, high school relationships, parent troubles, going to college, or readjustment following residential treatment. 

If you feel invalidated or confused, if your are hungry to 

 discover your life purpose and

hungry for resources and safe space, let's talk.

I help ease confusion for young adults who find themselves already dissatisfied with the choices before them. 


I help to empower you to live into your authenticity, to make decisions for yourself that you can be happy with, and to learn to own your individuality in healthy ways. 


I can listen, teach mindfulness, validate, share tools, be a sounding board, help you develop your self advocacy, help with school, and help mediate with parents.


I actually have 15 years of experience working with teens, designing holistic education, running schools, teaching kids how to know themselves, and helping to empower young people to manage their lives in healthy ways. 

If you want to, the next step is to schedule a 15 minutes chat with me. Below are the options in how we work together. I look forward to hearing from you.

**Individuals with diagnoses, labels, ASD, pissed off teens, young adults who are misunderstood, different sexual preferences - AWESOME. Please be you. Come on in. You are welcome here, just as you are.

  • "I can tell on the days that she meets with you that her spirits are lighter and she seem more balanced. I really feel like it has been a huge answered prayer and a huge answer to what she needs right now. Thank you."


    - S.W., Parent

Have Questions?

If you like my message but need guidance in choosing which program option or private mentorship is right for you on your unique journey, it is my goal to meet you supportively exactly where you are.


Schedule a 15 minute consultation today to discuss.


Every resource on this website is in service to the conscious evolution your truest self and the profound potential of your connection to others. When you truly wish to step into authentic alignment with who you are and who you came to be, schedule a consultation.


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