A 12-week system that utilizes the masculine & feminine energies within each woman to optimize your life force energy & revolutionize your time.



  • You have difficulty setting boundaries with others and you find you give away your time (and then feel resentful about it).

  • You feel overwhelmed daily. 

  • You feel overwhelmed even though you have a lot of “open” time. (This is your internal feminine asking for structure and empowerment.) 

  • You feel overwhelmed with the “never-ending to-do list.” (This is your internal masculine asking for maturation.) 

  • You keep too many tabs open (metaphorically or literally).

  • You waste time on social media or spacing out over wine, but you really have better things to do. 

  • You desire to get a business going but do not know what actions to take to make it successful. (This program naturally guides you to inherently know your next step, whatever your goals.)

  • You struggle to find clarity about what life is calling you to do next, though you know it’s something different than what you have been doing. 

And you are ready to:

  • Be more efficient in less time. 

  • Have more energy available to you even after you’ve gotten more done.  

  • Have time in your schedule where you know you can drop fully into rest or creativity.

  • Replace overwhelm with clarity.

  • Devote more time to spiritual practice or self care without losing family time. 

  • Work less hours a day. 

  • Have greater clarity in your work tasks.  

  • Know how many hours a week you are being efficient vs. wasting.

  • Gain more life force energy instead of feeling depletion. 

  • Lead your own life rather than looking to someone else or the next fix.  

  • Increase the quality of relationships in your life.

  • Manifest more easily & more naturally. 

  • Stop driving yourself to burnout.

  • Witness more immediate results of your intentions and energy. 

"The first week I began using the boundary clarity sheet, a person I'd been in relational difficulty with actually began - to treat me with more respect - and here's the thing -

I hadn't even said or done anything differently with them. Just with me."

Structure & Flow Client Testimonial

"By week 3, I could see my areas of my own resistance & I began to make changes that I've always wanted to make - but within the framework of the system, holding myself accountable is natural & something that I want to do."


“No more fighting myself”

Structure & Flow Client Testimonial

"The energy of women in a community with Sarah's wise guidance have been sich an inspiration & so honoring. I felt the concentric circles were so helpful and wow did I manifest quickly using them; simple and potent."

Structure & Flow Client Testimonial

What’s Included in Structure & Flow?

The Planner/Workbook

Masculine/Feminine Balance

If you’re interested in healing the feminine & masculine through real-time application, this is the place.

No more figthing myself "

Sarah’s Structure and Flow group was an answer to my prayers to help me really align more into my calling and into more of who I am. Her reflections and sharings of the Masculine and Feminine has brought integral integration towards my process and has helped me fit the pieces of the puzzle together, both allowing me to trust deeper into my embodiment but also expand more into my becoming. It has been an inner roadmap. She makes the intangible, tangible and I have been able to receive deeper clarity on my relational patterns with my Masculine and Feminine. I have been able to be clear on my next steps through Structure and Flow.



A 12-week, Personal Journey

After a Month

In Month One You Are:

  • Acclimating to the aspects of the system (this is a system, with various, collaborative components)

  • Practicing Structure & Flow daily, trusting the transformative process. 

  • Noticing a natural deepening of your personal relationship to time & energy. 

  • Making choices in alignment with your true desires. 

  • Changing your behavior. 

  • Allowing your deeper truths to emerge. 

Second Month

In Two Months You Are:

  • Watching your self-empowerment shift as you utilize clarity with boundaries. 

  • Empowered in choices around time & energy output. 

  • Beginning to truly honor your natural cycles. 

  • Naturally aligning your time expenditure toward more of what you want to see in your life. 

  • Holding yourself increasingly accountable, & noticing how good it feels! 

  • Feeling more like your true self, instead of someone that works and performs for others. 

Third Month

In Three Months You Are:

  • Cultivating energy, instead of running out.

  • Becoming the spirited creator of your own life.

  • Beginning to manifest your desires based on your own dedication to Structure & Flow.

  • Feeling more yourself than you have in years, or ever!

  • Surprised at how much time you actually have, and how powerful you truly are.

  • Clear in your boundaries, focus, desires, time management, & what you will and will not tolerate in your life.

“I take care of ME better when I use this system.” - S.W.

“I’m doing my weekly reflection in S&F and it feels like life is just coming together in abundance and availability and access without efforting. It feels wonderful. It feels like a closing and a beginning all at the same time.” -MS Week 7 of 12

"I needed help with structure for my life. I was hoping to become more disciplined, focus, and take action towards a life that I love. I did receive the results I was looking for. I said yes to this program and to my commitment towards myself. Now, structure is something I have absolutely fallen in love with (surprise!) and I am so much more able to delegate, know my limits, ask for help, and receive more and also align with my flow. I trust my own process more. 


After Structure & Flow, I now set better boundaries in my life. I have become more clear on what habits, people, places, & things have been draining my life force energy and have shifted my relationship to those things. I have *more* life force energy now." - A.R. 

"While using Structure & Flow, I became aware of tendrils of co-dependency/externalizing my worthiness with my (male) spouse. I became aware of simultaneously craving and resisting masculine physical actions--and when I gave this to myself it felt so familiar and I felt so strong." - M.S.

"Through Structure & Flow, I integrated masculine/feminine balance in my work world through creating clear and focused priorities that I show up for without judging my energy or output, allowing joy and movement breaks throughout my days, and noticing the shadow of hustle or collapse at times if I'm not conscious." - N.D.

"I think that before I saw the masculine as this harsh energy that forces my feminine out of her flow. Now I see that it is the force that supports her in her flow, so there is awareness of the synergy between the two. I feel like I'm still learning how to be with this in my body at this point, but at least the awareness is there." - C.H.

"I would recommend this program to anyone who is trying to rebalance their life, because I think it really helps us to examine how we are managing our lives in a way that meets our own internal needs rather than hyper-focusing on the requirements of others." - C.H

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